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Home Staging

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Home Staging Professionnel




The moment you walk through the front door of any home, an impression is made. It takes only 60 seconds to form an opinion about the homeowners and how much or little they care about the space they live in. It doesn’t take long to make a negative first impression.

A house being on the market is like a person going on a blind date. You must dress appropriately, act your best and give off a great feeling.

The homes that show the best will sell the fastest…...

A STAGED home is a SOLD home.

Sometimes a small clean up makes all the difference. By packing, selling or giving away items not being used, you are beginning the moving process. You are allowing yourself the time to prepare for the next phase in your life. By beginning before the BLIND DATE you are allowing yourself the freedom to move on.

The term DECLUTTERING is used quite often and can mean many things. Space is the biggest selling feature in a home. When decluttering the home you are allowing prospective buyers to see the home for what it is intended.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. This is where we spend a great deal of time as a family.

This kitchen has been decluttered and organized. By removing any unnecessary items, we can see that the kitchen does have great counter and cabinetry space. It now looks clean and fresh. An interested buyer could easily picture themselves bringing THEIR cooking equipment into this kitchen, cooking up a great meal and entertaining friends and family!

The cost of HOMESTAGING depends on the services needed. It can be a small investment of a few hours of help to get your home in order before the reveal or

it can be higher to allow for rental of furnishings, painting and curb appeal.

It is all up to you and what you feel you need in your home. We are there to offer suggestions and help you carry out the work.

Four benefits of Homestaging:

1) Faster Sell Time

2) Higher Selling Price

3) Distinct advantage over other homes in your area that are listed but not staged.

4) Attracts more buyers (Staged homes are regarded as cared for homes).

A higher selling price reflects the quality of your home. It shows better and allows the prospective buyer no room for finding flaws. The value of your home has now increased because of a small investment you have chosen to make to show your home in its best possible light.

Our job is to turn your home into a model home so that prospective buyers will walk through the front door and immediately see themselves living there.

Need Help?

Give us a call and enjoy the next STAGE in your life.


Brenda Siversky 514-697-1609

Karen Eisenberg 514-909-7509