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A.B.R  Financial Services
Alice Kern 514.332.3776

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We are service-oriented Independent Licensed Life and Health Representatives, aimed at providing what is best for our clients. We have access to a wide variety of Life and Health Insurance product lines from various resources and, therefore, we can offer, with
confidence, what is best for the
YOU. That is our specialty. That is our primary knowledge and experience base.
Because we are Independent, our loyalty lays in providing YOU with the best solutions for your particular needs, and backing it up with personalized service.

When you need information, a quote, have questions about your situation which you would like to discuss, we will discuss everything with you personally.

          If you cannot reach us at the moment when you call or write, we will get back to you within a few minutes. We do the research and leg work for you, so that when you get a quote, it is based on a full knowledge of your particular situation. You are an individual and your needs must be treated that way – with specialized care to your individual needs!

Our primary goal is to insure the best protection for our clients in every area, whether it be:-

Protecting travelers while out of the province for any period of time;

Protecting families, in case of sinister happenings with sufficient and appropriate life insurance;

The smooth continuance of businesses, in the event of loss of the owner or a partner;

Protecting your assets for a serene retirement;

We provide our service at your office or your home, wherever it is more comfortable and convenient for you.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Alice Kern 

Financial Security Advisor